Local 1508 Uniformed Park Supervisors

This is your Executive Board

Mike Zeno- President

My name is Mike Zeno and I am your Local 1508 President. I am currently a PPS in the Queens Forestry division. I started with Parks & Recreation as an APSW in 1985 then became a permanent PS in 1987. I earned the title of PPS in 1996 and have been so ever since. I began serving Local 1508 as a Shop Steward in 1988, then soon after on the Executive Board and later as Recording Secretary. I then became Local 1508 President which has been my greatest achievement while here at Parks.

Anthony Mazzallo- Vice-President

I started my career with the Department of Parks & Recreation on November 4, 1985. I have been assigned to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens in all titles preceding my current title of Park Supervisor 2. After my initial supervisory assignment to Manhattan Forestry in 1997, I have worked in Brooklyn Beach Operations, District 13 and the Prospect Park Garage. I am currently assigned to the Queens Garage Operations at Flushing Meadow and Cunningham Garages.

Vinny Musillo- Treasurer

I am a Park Supervisor Level 2 and am currently working in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens. I have been with the agency since January of 1986 and have worked my entire career in Queens. I became a provisional supervisor in 1995 and Civil Service supervisor in 2001. I was number 1 on the initial list for PS2 and received that position in April 2005. I became Treasurer of our local in March 2011 and have greatly enjoyed the experience so far. Working alongside an outstanding Executive Board led by our President Mike Zeno, has brought to light how hard we have to work to bring us all together as a local. I have had a few career highlights which include 4 Employee of the Month awards, Supervisor of the Year award from the Columbian Association in 2006 and culminating with the Parks' Employee of the Year award for 2010

Jim Rooney- Recording Secretary

My name is Jim Rooney and I am a PS in District 8, Queens. I've been a permanent employee with the agency since January of 1986 and have also spent some seasonal time with Parks & Rec prior to that. Besides currently working on the district level as a supervisor for the last 20 years, I have also worked in the pools, shops, garages and storehouse divisions. It is an honor to be serving you on this most experienced Executive Board. After being on the executive board for many years, I was appointed to recording secretary in September of 2017. Always remember- we are all in this together and the better we stick together the even stronger we become.

John DeBlasio- Executive Board

I'm John DeBlasio and I have 37 years of experience with Parks and Recreation. I am currently a PS in D-11 which is in Bayside, Queens. I have had various assignments while here at Parks. These have included Parkways, Rockaway Beach, Technical Services, Cunningham Garage, D-1 Brooklyn and D-5 Queens. I have been with the Executive Board since 2007.

Ron Goddard- Executive Board

My name is Ron Goddard and I have been with the agency since October 1988. I am a Park Supervisor Level 2 in Manhattan Garage on Randall's Island. I have over 25 years of progressive park experience. My experience ranged from CPW to Manager. I was elected to the Executive Board in 2013. I look forward to working with one of the most experienced Executive Boards to represent you.

Abismael Rivera- Executive Board

My name is Abismael Rivera and I am a PS-2 since April 2004 for districts 2, 3 & 6 in the Bronx. I've been a permanent with the Parks department since 3/28/1988 and became a provisional supervisor in the year 2000, and then civil service PS in 2003. I always believe that unity makes us strong and this is why I became a member of this executive board. I thank the board for their vote of confidence in me.

Ciro Battista- Executive Board

I'm Ciro Battista and I am a PS-2 in Brooklyn.  I started my career in Parks in 2006 as a seasonal CPW, and after becoming a permanent CPW in 2007 I quickly rose through the ranks from CPW to PS-2 in just under five years. I am also one of the youngest PS-2's ever made. The truth is I am most excited about being elected to the best executive board in DC-37 and would like to thank everybody for this opportunity. I look forward to working with all of you and to do my part to better serve all of our members.

James Gomez- Executive Board

I am James Gomez and I was appointed to the Local 1508 executive board in September 2017. I am currently a PS-2 in District 1 of Staten Island. I started with the agency on 9/16/1985 in Cunningham Park as an APSW on the New Needs crew. I was soon promoted to PS and spent a total of 19 years in Queens. After that I was promoted to PS2 and spent the next 11 years in Brooklyn. I then transferred to Staten Island where I have been until the present time.

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