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 Below please find some links to information on The Management Benefits Fund that should be helpful. The first is general information regarding The Management Benefit Fund. The second is a list of the current rates for the various health plans along with rates for prescription and other optional riders.

Remember to keep in mind- while DC37 is working hard to get the APRM's into the union and hopefully Local 1508, that is still not finalized. So until then, APRM's would have to get the optional riders on their health plans to cover prescription and other costs that are not provided until they become DC37 members.

Current PS2's and former APRM's Gabe Echevarria (gabe.echevarria@parks.nyc.gov) and Ron Goddard (ronald.goddard@parks.nyc.gov) have volunteered to assist anyone that may have any additional questions. Send them an email with any questions you may have.


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